NOUVEAUTE : location de camion magasin en courte ou longue durée
Icône poissonnier Icône boucher-charcutier Icône rôtisseur Icône épicier Icône boulanger-pâtissier Icône pizza Icône snack Icône autre

Établissements GIRAUD

Since 1996, « Etablissements Giraud » company designs and sells ‘store trucks’ throughout the French territory. We adapt LCVs for artisans and professional users needs.

Having first requirement for the quality of our ‘food trucks’ and/or ‘shops trucks’, our team has all the necessary skills to achieve reliable vehicles that perfectly meet the demands of your profession : baker, pizza, snack or food truck.


Giraud trucks are certified ISO 9001: ensuring quality work.


Each vehicle is unique because it is designed and built to your requirements.
Chassis and platform cab choice: Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Ford, Mercedes, VAG, etc ...


Cab and removable cell store fully treated anti corrosion.